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About our hair salon in palm beach gardens, FL

Company C Hair is the first-choice hair salon in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, to choose the finest in family hair care. 

After almost two decades serving the government and defense contracting communities in the Washington, D.C. area, the Harvey Family decided to relocate to Florida in March of 2019.  With a core focus on traditional family values, health, and community, they felt they could best leverage their professional experience in program management and engineering to help build and grow community-focused, service-based small businesses.  Next to Jen and Tobias you’ll always find their daughters who are often found helping in the day-to-day needs of the business as well as making improvements or otherwise finding ways they can contribute to the customers' positive experience.

Starting on the Space Coast, they’ve honed their business acumen and are now expanding south into the Palm Beach area.  “We want to provide a safe and fun working environment to our employees, and a trusted and friendly location to our customers.  There’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the latest technology while still holding on to that home-town feel,” says Jen and Tobias.  “Everyday we look forward to serving our customers with the best products and services, and supporting our employees with the most compassion and opportunities we can provide.  Honestly, our sense of accomplishment and drive to continue comes from the glowing reviews and testimonials from our beloved former employees and customers.”

The latest opportunity to expand the Harvey's vision came as Carol Smith, former owner of Company C Hair, made the decision to retire after nearly 40 years of dedicated service in the cosmetology industry.  Carol’s hard work and passion went into realizing her dream of building and owning multiple salons.  Today, three locations in Palm Beach County still carry her namesake and hold true to her aspirations of providing Floridians the finest choice in family hair care at a tremendous value.

“We are so grateful to have this opportunity to serve the Palm Beach area, and look forward to wonderful things to come!”  - The Harvey Family